Autonomous Interface

Autonomous Interface

The Rampaging Chariot is an ideal platform for students to learn programming / coding.

The vehicle shows in a practical and fun way how a remote controlled car could be programmed and has room on the top and sides for several sensors of all descriptions: Ultra sonic, Touch, Infra Red, PIR, Laser, Camera, Gyro, Inertial, GPS etc. These can be fitted separately or in an array or rotating turret driven by a stepper motor.

The algorithms can be programmed on a PC, Tablet, Microprocessor, PIC, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Beagle Board, etc. and can be interfaced to the Master Control Board via two pairs of wires carrying Pulse Length modulation or by two wires carrying a serial link. The most efficient way of doing this is to e-mail and we can send you a new PIC, programmed with the required interface, to replace the existing Master Board PIC. There are no other hardware modifications to the boards required, and a simple switch will switch between the existing Manual and the new Autonomous control inputs.

The new PIC will incorporate some safety features such as selectable power limiting and minimising the effects of inadvertently allowing a digital overflow.

A full description of the interface connections and protocol will be published on this web site soon.

Blocks of code suitable for specific microprocessors will be welcomed from participants and added to this autonomous section.