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Rampaging Chariots Scottish Robotic Games for 2017 will be held at Leonardo, Crewe Toll, Edinburgh EH5 2XS on Saturday 10th June 2017 from 0900 to 1630 hrs. Register Now.

Rampaging Chariot Autonomous Upgrade Kits have been funded by the Digital Extra Fund of Skills Development Scotland for evaluation by specific Scottish Secondary Schools.

Milestone 1: The delivery of kits, was completed in October 2016.
Milestone 2: Feedback and assessment, will be completed by the end of March 2017.

Availability of Autonomous kits in 2017 depends on this evaluation and future funding.

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Is it a Bird?

The Rampaging Chariot is a powerful, radio controlled featherweight sporting robot that is used by schools and youth groups to compete in an annual Robotic Games to determine the National Champion. It is a project aimed at interesting young people in engineering organised by the Rampaging Chariots Guild.

You receive the first robot as a free kit and your team builds it and tests it (this takes about 12 hours work). You can then design unique bodywork and think of ideas to improve its performance.