Advanced Enhancements

Advanced Enhancements

Convert the Rampaging Chariot to 4 wheel drive

How can you power all four wheels from the two motors allowed?
Design a mechanism to connect the wheels on each side mechanically.
How can you ensure the motors are fixed firmly enough to the chassis so that they transfer power to the other wheel without bending out of line?

Estimated cost: Connection chains/cogs/belts/wheels - £30 depending on method

Make tank tracks to give increased grip

How do tank tracks work and how do they stay on a tank?
How will you make the tracks? For example, pulley belts with a groove carved into the wheels of the chariot, tracks from toy models etc.
What method will you use to design the tracks?
How will you manufacture the tracks and associated parts and what materials will you use?

Estimated cost: Large rubber belts - £15 or Model tracks - £100