Basic Enhancements

Basic Enhancements

Create a lid for your chariot to improve its looks in competition

Could you make your robot have an interesting theme?
Could this be based on something special to your school, ATC Sqn or club?
What materials will you use?
How will you make sure that the removable links can still be accessed quickly without the need for tools?

Estimated cost: Materials - £10

Prevent the robot running out of power during competitions

The NiCad batteries supplied are 18v and 1.2 Ahr. These are fine when brand new, but deteriorate significantly over time. Our Science Festival Rampaging Chariots are fitted with 18v 7.5Ah Sealed Lead Acid Accumulators which last much longer.

Either connect a 12v and a 6v Sealed Lead Acid Accumulator in series to obtain 18v, or connect three 6v ones in series. The batteries must be capable of delivering a high current so some security system batteries are not suitable. The batteries must have a similar specification (and normally the same make) to avoid incompatibilities when connected together. Three similar 6v batteries are technically the best configuration, but the 12v + 6v is cheaper overall and works fine.

The batteries cost £23.01 for the 12V model (order no. 18-1104) and £15.35 for the 6V model (18-1100) from Rapid Electronics.

A suitable charger for the sealed lead acid batteries is the Ansman ALCS2-24A. This charges 6v and 12v batteries separately and automatically selects the correct voltage. Rapid order code 18-3959 @ £14.01

Due to the high current capability of this battery (which can melt screwdrivers) a 20 Amp car type fuse must be inserted in series. Rapid order code 89-5233 @ 90p for a pack of ten. A suitable holder is 26-1584 @ 85p

How are you going to fix the batteries to the chassis as they are quite heavy?
How are you going to connect two boards to one battery including a safety plug/link?