2012 Scottish Robotic Games

Past Games

2012 Scottish Robotic Games

The Scottish Robotic Games 2012 was held at Selex Galileo's Edinburgh Headquarters on Saturday 9th June.

Scottish Grand Champion

Congratulations to Scottish Grand Champions Kilsyth Academy with their robot Thundercat.

Assault Course

1st: Kilsyth Academy - Thundercat
2nd: 832 (Wester Ross) Sqn - Ross
3rd: 1271 (Bathgate) Sqn - Bathgate 1


1st: Earlston High School - Khaos 2
2nd: 1271 (Bathgate) Sqn - Bathgate 1
3rd: Peebles High School - PHS#1

Tug of War

1st: 870 (Dreghorn) Sqn - Shark Attack
2nd: Earlston High School - Angry Dolphins
3rd: North Berwick High School - Tin Tin


1st: Kilsyth Academy - George 10 & Thundercat
2nd: 2463 (Currie and Balerno) Sqn - Vindaloo & Masala
3rd: 1756 (Broxburn) Sqn - Badger 1 & Badger 2

Best Engineered

Earlston High School were awarded Best Engineered for their robot Khaos 2.

Best Newcomer

832 (Wester Ross) Sqn achieved most points in individual sports out of all teams entering for the first time this year, thus winning the Best Newcomer award.

Most Innovative

Ellon Academy were awarded "Most Innovative" for their robot T.E.D.

Special Commendation

Jedburgh Grammar School were awarded a Special Commendation for their robot Pig.