2014 Scottish Robotic Games

Past Games

2014 Scottish Robotic Games

The Scottish Robotic Games 2014 was held at Selex ES, Crewe Toll, Edinburgh EH5 2XS on Saturday 7th June.

Assault Course

1st Thundercat – Kilsyth Academy (26 sec)
(World Record is 23sec set by Gary Cairns of 870 Sqn ATC – Driver of Typhoon 2 in Robot Wars)
2nd Orion’s Arrow – Kilsyth Academy
3rd Tripod – Forth Valley College


1st Clint 2 – Glasgow Academy
2nd Thundercat – Kilsyth Academy
3rd Mayhem – 142 (Trinity) Sqn ATC

Tug of War

1st Shark Attack – 870 (Dreghorn) Sqn ATC
2nd JHS -­ Johnstone High School
3rd Just Jane – 2463 (Currie & Balerno) Sqn ATC


1st Orion’s Arrow & Thundercat – Kilsyth Academy
2nd Zeus Thunderbolt & Eupheme – Kilsyth Academy
3rd Bathgate 1 & Bathgate 2 – 1271 (Bathgate) Sqn ATC

Scottish Champion

Thundercat – Kilsyth Academy - for the third year in row!

Best Newcomer

JHS – Johnstone High School

Most Innovative Design

JHS -­ Johnstone High School

Best Engineered

Clint2 ­- Glasgow Academy

Special Award

Zeus Thunderbolt ­- Kilsyth Academy