2010 Scottish Robotic Games

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2010 Scottish Robotic Games

The Scottish Robotic Games 2010 was held at Selex Galileo's Edinburgh Headquarters on Saturday 19th June.


Grand Champion

Busy Bee - 870 (Dreghorn) Sqn

2-a-Side Football

1st Busy Bee and Dreghorn Dragon - 870 (Dreghorn) Sqn
2nd Badger 1 and Badger 2 - 1756 (Broxburn) Sqn
3rd Doom and Shark Attack - 870 (Dreghorn) Sqn

Assault Course

1st Tiger 1 - 439 (Linlithgow) Sqn
2nd Busy Bee - 870 (Dreghorn) Sqn
3rd Tiger 2 - 439 (Linlithgow) Sqn


1st Jed2 - Jedburgh Grammer School
2nd Donk - 1007 (Duns) Sqn
3rd Hawk - 287 (Stenhouse) Sqn


1st 2311A - 2311 (Glenrothes) Sqn
2nd Vinit to Winit - Earlston High School
3rd 2311B - 2311 (Glenrothes) Sqn

Best Newcomer

Mearns Academy

Best Engineered

Jed3 - Jedburgh Grammar School

Most Inovative Design

2311A + 2311B - 2311 (Glenrothes) Sqn

Special Commendation

Biff - 2405 (Dingwall) Sqn



Nine minutes. That's all the time a fighter pilot on Quick Reaction Alert has to wake from deep sleep, run 80 metres to his jet, fire up the engines and get airborne.

Flt Lt Mark Coram from RAF Leuchars shared a personal account of life on Quick Reaction Alert duty with children attending this year's Scottish Robotic Games. RAF Leuchars plays a key role in the protection of UK airspace, maintaining QRA fighter aircraft, which are kept on standby 24/7, 365 days a year.

Speaking of his first encounter with a Russian Bear bomber, Mark said: 'The first time you see a Russian Bear its very impressive. First you're struck by the sheer scale of the aircraft. Then, when you come within closer range, you can actually feel the aircraft shuddering because of the vibrations coming from the Bear's turboprop engine.'

Children were given the opportunity to try on a survival kit and a helmet fitted with night vision goggles which are used for night manoeuvres. Mark explained: 'Sometimes you're flying at night and the only available light is coming from the moon. You rely on the goggles since they allow you to get a clear view of what's happening.'